The Brush Contest – Venue for TV Show in Milano

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Mediawork agency invented this new talent show format, where makeup coaches Chiara Biasi e Simone Belli are looking for the most talented emerging makeup artists.

The idea was to shoot episodes in a bright and open space loft, where to put under the spotlight the products, for this reason, the crew chose the Light space with the big quantity of natural daylight easily controllable thanks to the electrical blinds. 

The 6 meters high ceiling allows placing imposing scenography and set different types of furniture layouts. For the Brush contest video shoot, the best YouTubers, bloggers and make up obsessed were initiated to compete for the best overall makeup look. The props you see at Simone and Chiara’s shoulders are parts of Magis’ Boogie Woogie library whilst the table is from Kartell with Moroso chairs and Luceplan lamps.

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The Brush Contest - Video Production

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