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The corporate events industry involves event planners, communication agencies and corporates in planning and organization of several activities which bring the event to life. In this era, where there’s more apps than citizens, even the event industry has some digital tools that helps getting the job done in time, in budget, efficiently. We discovered 4 “smart event planning” tools that will certainly bring a great contribute to corporate events organizers.

1 – TRELLO – Your personal project manager

Trello is a project management tool available both for smartphone or computer, useful to simplify the organization of the workflows and cooperate with your whole team at the same time. Thanks to its easy to use layout, Trello is a tool made of 3 main elements:

Dashboard: Represents the “container” of our project, like a virtual blackboard. We can write, edit, arrange all the components of our event.

List: It’s possible to create one or more lists inside each dashboard. Every list represents a macro area of our project which will be used to regroup tasks by users, agenda in order to create an intuitive and interactive timetable for your team.

Tab: Each tab represents the tasks of every list. To be more specific, our to-do list to be marked as done once every activity is performed. Thanks to a simple drag and drop system it’s also possible to move the tabs from a list to another based on our needs or plan changes.

The possibility to share both the use and visibility of the dashboard allows a top tier collaboration even remotely. All of this makes of Trello an essential partner to plan all the activities involved in the event organization.

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Logistics and Managing where each person should stand in a Venue sure takes a lot of time to event planners and fitters. With Social Tables, you can upload the venue’s floor plan and turn digital the whole managing process, as per title, from A to Z. Managing where the Guests should seat in a Gala dinner, plan the workflows, workshops, team building activities and even conferences or indoor meetings.

Being a cloud-based platform, this tool allows planners to cooperate with all the involved services (catering, venue, fitters) online, immediately and effortless. An interesting built-in feature also allows managing the Check-in. Literally, from A to Z. The user-friendly interface, provided with ready to use customizable pre-set layouts, grants an innovative “planning experience” from both smartphone and computer.

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3 – EVENTABLE – Add the event to your Guest’s calendar

People tend to check their calendar on smartphone, tablet and computer over 10 times a day. Each of these devices represents a linking opportunity for our company.
Some studies demonstrate that users have an extra 86% chance to interact with a brand if the event is marked on their calendar. Eventable is a platform which features a digital calendar to interact with the consumers by creating a dynamic call to action “add to your calendar”. Integrated with almost every Calendar applications included but not limited to Google Calendar, Outlook, iOS. With just a few clicks, the user gets surprisingly involved in your event. The Call to action can be shared through Websites, email, social media posts, mobile apps, advertising or SMS and be monitored to verify the correct functioning (clicks, impression, social shares, registrations and comments).

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4 – WALLS.IO – Engagement and networking for everyone

One of the characteristics of a well-appreciated event is without any doubt the level of engagement reached. Why should we wait the end of the day to receive feedback from Guests and, if possible, trace the “live sentiment” minute by minute? is a simple, immediate and smart solution to make the most of the social media and promote our brand. A social wall that allows to gather, manage and view contents from several platforms all together, i.e Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

You can embed your social wall on an ad hoc landing page created for your event and live stream all the tweets, posts, photos of Guests using a certain hashtag or tagging the brand. A creative tool for an onsite involvement of the Guests which helps the social-buzz and increase the F.O.M.O. around our event and brand. A chance to break the ice and gather the Guests looking for their posts. A strong tool for networking and filling the gap between online and offline communication during conferences, conventions, congresses and corporate events of any kind (i.e team building): during group activities, it often happens to see Guests taking pictures and willing to share live results of their team-work. social wall 10 watt location milano

Planning, projecting the logistic and engagement, these are the key point that characterize a Great Event. The employment of easy and ready to use tools can turn the event planning job much smarter. Do you agree?