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The venue becomes an exclusive space where companies can instantly captivate clients and buyers attention, and then, once moved to another space, reveal a surprising showroom setting. Six lofts, all characterised by different aspects, except for the one feature they all share, the bright open spaces, obtained after the smart restoration of a bolt factory. In accordance with the structure and of its authentic materials, the client can personalise the areas to accompany the guests through a succession of different settings, together with the use of music, lights and projections, leading to a guaranteed wow effect.

10 Watt becomes the ideal choice of venue if your objective is the one to organise an exclusive showroom, where your guests can feel pampered and surprised in a fashionable and iconic area of Milan.

All the spaces can be the ideal scenario where to plan your sales campaign, contextualizing the products in the design sets available in the venue and eventually create new ones, by also bringing your own props.

The venue is developed on the ground floor, easing loading and unloading practices with quick access to the entrance of the venue which also facilitates the itinerary of the guests. A nearby parking space is available together with the free parking spaces present on via Giacomo Watt. The venue is also very well connected to the rest of the city, with nearby tube stations including Porta Genova and Romolo together with efficient tram and bus lines.

Affitto Location Show Room 10 Watt
Noleggio Location Show Room Milano
Spazio Temporary Shop Milano
Noleggio Loft Show Room Lombardia
Temporary Affitto Milano Via Giacomo Watt 10
Milano Location Show Room Termporary
Noleggio Location Temporary Show Room
Affitto Show Room Milano 10Watt
Sale Per Show Room Milano
Show Room Affitto Via Giacomo Watt 10
Noleggio Location Show Room Lombardia
Affitto Temporary Shop Milano Lombardia
Affitto Show Room Milano Navigli
Noleggio Spazi Particolari Milano 10Watt
Affitto Location Particolari Milano
Temporary Show Room Milano