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Art, design, and technology are the features helping guests to get emotionally involved. Everything in 10 Watt, has a very strong visual impact to impress mesmerize the guests. The equipment of these versatile lofts ranges from side projections, Smart TVs combined with the use of moving head fixtures, Smartbathexs to RGB battery lights, which are all working to enhance the brand experience.

Our spaces feature an efficient piped music system, microphones, stable WiFi connection for live streaming, there is also the chance to connect many gaming stations at the same time. The furniture present in the venue is used to customize the rented spaces, from the arrangement of a meetingproduct launchautomotive event or even a Christmas dinner.

Props are essential to decor big spaces, furthermore, we suggest placing freestanding graphics, roll-ups, and pop-ups even in the outdoor area, where there are also 3 spots where to hang and place prints. On requests, its possible to personalise the spaces with video mapping; the presence of A/V and light technicians, helps to manage events in the information technology and fashion sector, and can also support artists preferences when it comes to their performance effects.

10 Watt is the perfect venue to organise unforgettable corporate and private events rich in emotion. All the spaces are furnished with tasteful decor and are customizable by clients. We offer the most unusual scenarios, involving also our suppliers and partners with the purpose of wowing our guests.

Il Quidditch Oltre i Secoli Audible Milano
Location Arredate Allestimenti Produzioni Video Milano
Allestimenti Location Milano Lombardia
showroom marvel milano
Eventi Interattivi Location Milano Lombardia
Spazio Gardena Allestimenti Milano
Location Allestimenti vari Milano 10Watt
Montaggio Spazi Ambientazioni Tecnologiche
Location Allestite con Camere da Letto
Spazi con Arredi Allestiti 10Watt
Allestimenti Scenografici Milano Lombardia 10 Watt
Location Allestimento Platea Milano
Location Arredamenti con Allestimento Informale
Allestimenti Camere Bimbo Milano
Allestimento Location Camere da Letto Milano
Loft casa Cucina design Milano
Milano Allestimento Location Proiezioni Video Mapping
Milano Lombardia Allestimento Location Arredate
Allestimenti Location Eventi Aziendali Milano
Allestimenti Feste Aziendali Milano
Allestiamo Location per Team Building
Allestimento Location Corsi di Formazione 10Watt
Allestimenti Spazi per Eventi Aziendali
Noleggio Allestimenti Spazi di Design
Allestimento Sale Congressi Milano 10Watt
Spazi con Sale Arredate Milano
Allestimenti Spazi Outdoor Diecivat Milano
Studi Fotografici Arredati Milano Lombardia
Temporary Show Room
showroom sire tessile 10watt