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Dove allestire uno showroom a Milano


There are a lot of possibilities to create a real customer experience: the showroom is one of those, because through a great presentation, brands are able to get in touch with their buyers and consumers. And to amaze your guests even more, you invent an event in an event. Did you ever think of using virtual reality to surprise your clients for instance? Hereafter we reveal you some clues to create the perfect showroom.

The space as a starting point to value your products

The specific set-up of any showroom depends on the chosen location, which usually should be quite spacious, but at the same time not too dispersive, to maintain a certain intimacy.

setup a showroom in milan

Internally connected open-space locations have an extra benefit: they allow to draw an ‘experiential journey’, narrating the product step by step highlighting the storytelling of the event. Likewise you will get a full immersion experience with the help of projections, the positioning of images, self-standing structures and screens, which allow to display both branded photo and video content.

The right furniture completes the look of the showroom: next to classic exhibitions components for the products, carefully selected design objects and furniture are able to uplift the scenery.

showroom venue in milan

The light in order to make your products shine bright

Lighting is your first ally when it comes to setting up a showroom. Although it could seem a evident element, natural and artificial light are precious tools to create the right atmosphere. In this manner, you manage to out the objects in the main focus, guiding the view of the visitor in the various spaces, creating an actual ‘journey’.

The decision of which lights to use is inherent to the characteristic company colors or linked to the theme of your event. A light blue that recalls the water for instance would be perfectly suited for the set up of a wellness brand showroom.

When you use different spaces and you are given a smart lighting control system, you have the chance to darken or lighten up each in a distinct way, to personalize the atmosphere.

Technology and innovation paired with the actual products result in a wow-effect.

Some other ideas to make you stand out from your competitors

Here are some strategies to take advantage of:

Be updated on social media trends: socials can be a fantastic source of inspiration – especially regarding to which color theme to pick: the so-called #MillennialPink for instance, a delicate shade of pink, since today has generated more than 63.000 post on Instagram. It has been proven in fact, that a photo works better in terms of engagement when it has a strong pink component. Why don’t try to incorporate this trend in the set-up design? The retrò style is back in vogue on social media, too. There is nothing easier than placing some vintage furniture in the showroom in order to recreate this effect. Besides, a “insta-friendly” scenery, has the advantage that it invites people to take photos in your showroom, extending your brand’s influence even further.

showroom location in milan

Play around with interaction: the memory of the showroom will be more lasting when you give your clients the opportunity to actually participate inside it. One idea is to put a back drop with the brand logo in a strategic position where guests can take shots or have their photo taken by somebody else. These photos then eventually become subject of a photographic contest on social media. The use of a certain hashtag keeps the talk of the event going both when it is still on and after, spreading the news ever more.

showroom location in milan

Use ‘forgotten’ areas: often you don’t really realize how many point of views are present in a space. Many corners are overlooked in the process of setting up, but when accentuated in the right manner, they can become opportunity to enhance the shopping experience. An example is the entrance area, which with the help of lights and banners can become an interesting spot to immerge the clients immediately into the event.

showroom location in milan

And what about immersive marketing? Well, virtual and enhanced reality has become certainly a great opportunity to create a stimulating experiential situation, thanks to strong emotional, sensorial and perceptive incentives. In order to make your client totally immerse in your brand’s world, there is no way not considering it. Recently, especially the travel sector has made large use of this new idea.

showroom location in milan

As you have seen, it doesn’t take much to create a great showroom!

Thanks to our long-lasting experience in the field, we were hopefully able to give you some insight and fresh ideas of how to value our location. If you are interested, we are happy to design you a personalized brief for the organization of your event!