Screen Haircare with Cristina Chiabotto – Photo shoot backstage

Backstage Video Production


Screen is a Nuova Fapam brand, specialised in the haircare sector.

The protagonist of this video is the ex-Miss Italia model Cristina Chiabotto. The tv campaign, created to present new haircuts, had to be filmed in a furnished and elegant venue which had impactful backdrops as well as clean white ones helping to make a better use of time.

In the sophisticated frame of Color were used Darchiettura sofa, bathtub and the big black wall where the protagonist Andromeda Murano’s light.

The second part of the filming happened in the Light space, where we mounted a white stage which exalted the figure of the model. The team set in both lofts a dedicated crew working area where fibre 100 connection was key.

The showgirl had a space for herself with changing room, relax area, makeup stations and racks

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Screen Haircare with Cristina Chiabotto - Photo shoot backstage

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