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A new project of the company Sanbittèr, which reinterprets the art of the aperitif, by creating new recipes to share with friends. The space chosen to film this campaign was the Color one, a welcoming designer living room which characteristics are the decorative wall niches perfect to display the product.

The counter used was the one of the Color’s kitchen ideal to showcase all the products and focus the attention on Mattia Pastori’s hands whilst preparing a video recipe easy to make at home.

Opposite to this setup was prepared a fashionable area with our colourful furniture, where the guests could taste their drink.

A very positive aspect of this product, in particular, was the opportunity to film live whilst for the art buyer to use as most of the set props the ones available in the venue at no additional cost.

The bartender was working close together with the home economist who was preparing canapés in a dedicated working area

Share Sanbittèr’s video set in 10 Watt’s Color space thanks to the below icons.

Sanbittèr - Web Video Venue for hire Milano 10 Watt Venue

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