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10 Watt offers an experience in an “out of the box”, inspiring, chic and cosy event venue designed by Antonio Schiavano.

With its dedicated original works, its designer furniture, its exclusive prototypes, its rare and prestigious materials, the venue has its own truly unique identity. The lofts are perfect for special events and important occasions, such as vows renewal, anniversariesthemed parties and once in a lifetime occasions.

Parties and receptions held in 10 Watt are overflowing with attention to detail. The staff supports the clients in the decision-making process of certain services and suppliers, like the rental of private parking spaces close to the venue, DJ set, entertaining and catering. According to the number of guests chosen, we can define whether to use one or more spaces.

Connected to the venue’s foyer, there are the Light and Color studios which are most suitable to hold wedding receptions and private parties. In the first space, named after its leading colour which is white, it is possible to arrange furniture for both standing events or for seated ones. With the help of a DJ set, Light can be transformed into a ballroom characterised by an evocative atmosphere full of lights and colours, generated by the moving heads fixture, Smartbathex and the RGB battery lamp.

The venue has the pleasure of hosting the most exclusive and best private events in Milan in an industrial and contemporary context. 10 Watt is the ideal spot for people who love surprising guests in an unconventional way, in the spacious rooms is possible to tailor an event that perfectly meets your needs and final objectives.

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