Collistar Fiat – Press blogger day 10 Watt Milan

Collistar Fiat

From the collaboration of Collistar and Fiat, “Ti Amo 500” makeup capsule collection was born. The products were introduced to Italian beauty bloggers for the first time in the Light space, our white canvas which became colourful and funky thanks to our designer furniture and seating. The guests were involved in doing a fun and entertaining team painting in the Color space and at a later time to go on a treasure hunt around the city of Milan on board of adorable white Fiat 500’s.

Thanks to the stable connection available in all lofts, the participants were able to share live pictures of pop art, fashion, and of the event in general on their social media platforms.

Collistar Fiat

Fiat Collistar 10 Watt EVENT VENUE MILAN +39 02.89151931 | +39 3345717262