Six different
studios for
and video shootings
for rent


Six are the spaces that characterise this charming venue, with distinctive colours and unique designer furniture for each space.

Kitchens, American bars, living rooms, Spa bathrooms, bedrooms, fitness and relax area are all the rooms, that with the help of the set designer or scenographer, becomes an exclusive sets where to shoot advertising campaigns, lookbooks, editorials, company magazines and beauty, still life, food, fashion and automotive photoshoots. It is one of the few photography studios with a dressing room in Milano.

Set Designers and Art Buyers can use our furniture and props to enhance their video and photo productions.

Located in Milan’s fastest growing neighbourhood, Navigli Area, 10 Watt boutique studio is set up to do whatever you need be it motion or still photography.  Use our furniture and props to enhance your video interview or set up your lifestyle shoot using the beautiful light that we have. Providing 6 serviced studios with overhead skylights which can be completely blacked out, one separate styling room, two makeup stations, iron and ironing board, rails with hangers, styling bench and mono and 3 phase power sockets.

Light is the posing room. Entirely white bright open planned loft space situated on the ground floor, ideal to place scenography. White walls and resin flooring,  bronze backdrops and technology, are the protagonists of this space. It’s equipped with has a kitchen with counter, a living room, and an impactful corner with a functioning fireplace and waterfall.

Color, with its mild tones, is an elegant and sophisticated loft, inspired by designer homes. A boutique living room studio with a fireplace, a fully functioning kitchen and a large tub with a waterfall shower.

Acqua & Gym is an extremely impactful and scenographic set, that lends itself to host photo shoots related to the beauty and wellness world.

Yori Studio with its open-space kitchen, creates an effortless synergy with the food and beverage industry, even if it’s possible to shoot a broad variety of other things, as the area is furnished with the best designers’ creations, perfect to host any type of photoshoot.

Lounge with it’s illuminated suspended staircase can itself be used as a set. Being the only entrance to the venue, it can’t be hired exclusively, but always paired with another space.

Even Purple House is a versatile film, shoot and event location in Milan. This home loft will surely surprise you with its mix of funky colours and particular designs.

Sala Posa Milano Location Casting 10 Watt
Noleggio con Spazi e Sale Arredate
Affitto Location Arredate per Video
noleggio sala di posa milano
Location Casting Milano Lombardia 10Watt
Noleggio Spazi Arredati Milano 10Watt
Location Fotografica Milano Lombardia 10Watt
Loft per Rirpese Video Milano
Location Shooting Fotografici Milano
Location Video Produzioni Milano
Spazi per Shooting Fotografici 10 Watt
Noleggio Studio Fotografico Milano
Noleggio Studi Riprese Televisive Milano
Studi per Spot Pubblicitari Milano 10Watt
Noleggio Studi Fotografici Arredati
Affitto Location Arredate Milano
Sale Riprese Video Milano Lombardia
Noleggio Studi Riprese Video 10Watt
affitto studi fotografici
Location Riprese Cinematografiche Milano
Noleggio Studi Fotografici di Design
Studio Fotografico a Noleggio Milano
Milano Noleggio Sale Posa
Location Servizi Fotografici Milano 10 Watt
Noleggio Location Arredate Milano
Noleggio Sala Posa con Arredi
Noleggio Studi Ambientati Milano
Milano Noleggio Studi Fotografici Milano