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Brigh.tly agency followed the sketch-com project for the food brand Misura, which wanted to introduce their broad range of healthy products to the public.

The company wanted to promote the values of a healthy lifestyle through a series of webisodes whose protagonists are Gus and Ben interpreted by Paolo Casiraghi e Lucia Ocone, and at a later time, share them on the company’s YouTube e Facebook channels.

There are many times during the day where a person can choose to eat Misura’s products, and in order to glorify them, the crew decided to film some fun and entertaining episodes during different times of the day, from the moment when they participate to yoga classes to the SPA one and simply in the kitchen or in the living room.  In fact, the set designer Fabienne Arzul has decorated the spaces giving them a familiar touch.

10 Watt furnished spaces offer versatile rooms easily adaptable to any storyboard this is the reason why the production crew chose the Color space for filming the episode “Adesso mi sente”.

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Misura - Webisode

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