Matteo Becucci – La cucina giapponese videoclip 

Video Productions Lombardia


The set of this video had to be a kitchen as the title of the song “La cucina giapponese” in Italian means “Japanese cuisine”.

10 Watt venue has much to offer when it comes to food-related video productions, as all the sets are working at their best and can be decorated with all the props available in the venue or with a little help from the set designer.

One of the open plan spaces chosen for this video was Yori Studio, where an imposing wall full of flatware and dishes became the perfect background for the artist and his band. Adjacent to this backdrop there is the kitchen, allowing to quickly adjust the framing and change setting in a couple of seconds.

The second space adopted was Color, with milder colours and a more sophisticated feel.  During the same day two spaces of the venue where available for the filming including the 5 kW, which, with a little extra can reach up to 25 kW.

All the props that appear in the music video can be rented for photo or video shoots outside the venue.

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