Lodigrana – Kitchen Studio

Video production set


Telepromotions allow the public to get to know products better, and in this case, Lodigiana of Bella Lodi choose to adopt this advertising method and film its infomercial in 10 Watt‘s premises.

For food products related advertising 10 watt offers 4 fully functioning sets, which have different tones and characteristics in order for the client to film the product in more than one kitchen without the need of moving the whole production anywhere else.

The need was the one to film live and to have a mild tone and elegant background behind the protagonist, for this reason, the client chose Color’s modern kitchen. Only a few elements were added to personalize it and exalt the brand.

Being all functioning set with electrical appliances, these kitchens are ideal for companies which are looking to film video, web episodes to share on social media platforms as well as cooking recipes and have at the same time a dedicated space for the home economist for the preparation of the dishes.

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