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  • 10 Watt Location eventi aziendali a Milano
  • 10 Watt Location eventi aziendali a Milano
  • 10 Watt Location eventi aziendali a Milano
  • 10 Watt Location eventi aziendali a Milano
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Planimetria 3D Spazio Light 10 Watt Location Milano


Light Space

Convention, meeting,
and press day room in Milan


The second wow-factor space, after our foyer Lounge, is the Light one. It, in turn, unveils, behind an acid etched glass sliding wall, the Color spaceLight is an extremely versatile and functional space for stylish professionals to work, meet and relax. Its ability to transform so easily makes it ideal space where to host a large range of events.

During the day there is a big quantity of light coming through the wide skylight, it can be partially or totally darkened electrically, exalting the total white walls and the translucent features around the venue. During the evening, the atmosphere is emphasized by colourful light beams, moving head fixture, par led and moving beam shapers.

From the control room, positioned on the mezzanine, it’s possible to manage the audio and video contents and send the information to all screens and speakers of the venue. The point of strength of this venue is its technology, essential element for who wants to create an innovative brand experience of a strong visual impact. Our multi-media technical equipment includes a state-of-the-art audio and light system, direct connection for live streaming, live signal transmission, a speaker screen, a wall roll-up screen of 5mx4m, 2 LCD screens, podium and a lectern. On request: microphones, white stage, flip charts, cabin for simultaneous translation, hostesses and security service.

Light is an extremely versatile and functional space for stylish professionals to work, meet and relax. Its ability to transform so easily makes it ideal space where to host a large range of events: meetings (theatre layout can accommodate up to 140 guests), corporate conventions, roundtables, informal training sessions, seminars, team building, fashion runways, press conferences, exhibitions, product launches and temporary showrooms. Not to mention, the organisation of corporate dinners, business cocktails and weddings.

This space was inspired by the four natural elements (fire, earth, wind and water) which have been reinterpreted in a creative way, like the wood nurtured fireplace used during autumn and winter, which creates a warm and evocative atmosphere, same as the logs stored in an atypical way which represent the earth element. The waterfall increases the scenographic effect of the room whose effect is enhanced by colourful LED lights,  whilst the air element is represented by the three industrial metal clouds hang on the white walls.

The functional kitchen which features a useful counter, generally employed by the catering to serve light lunches, coffee or cocktail preparation during corporate events, or as a set for photo and video shootings. Who selects this loft for photo shoots, video productions and tv commercials, has at its disposal a bright and airy loft with a stylish feel throughout, where natural light flows freely through the space thanks to the many large skylights electrically managed.

High ceilings throughout the venue, allow to introduce in the spaces, bulky scenography and displaying big installations. In addition, the metal wall can be used as a backdrop for filming and shooting.

Planimetria 3D Spazio Light 10 Watt Location Milano


• Surface: 200 mq
• Mezzanine: 30 mq
• Max Height: 6,10 m
• Underbeam height: 4,40 m


• 30kw divided into three-phase and single-phase:

2 x 32 A three-phase
2 x 32 A single-phase
2 x 16 A single-phase

• Sockets along the space
• 4 ethernet port
• 50 Mb and 100Mb fiber optic

• Air conditioning with air recirculation

• 3 forex panels for projections:
3 x 1,70 m

• Access Gate: 2,24 x 2,80 m


• Audio/Video Control Room


• HK Lucas performer 900 WRMS
• 2 Central Speakers HK PR:O8A
• 2 Speakers HK PR:O10XD
• Mixer Mackie 2404 VLZ4
• DBX Professional Drive Rack PA
• 1 Microphone Senheiser EM 100
• 5 Microphones Senheiser EM 100 *


• Optoma Projector 5000 AL laser
• Wall Rolling screen 5.5 m
• HDMI CSC 5500 1×8 Matrix
• 2 Smart Tv 49″ Full HD
• Extron DXP 88 HD 4K 8in/8out Matrix *
• Nec  Projector 8000 AL 1920×1200 *
• 3 Epson Projectors EB 1985 WU 1920×1080 *
• Roland Mixer V-40HD *
• 2 Self-supporting Smart Tv 65″ QLED*


• 2 motorized lights
• Dexton Lighting Super 575
• 2 motorized lights
• Dexton Lighting Mx Indigo 2000
• 18m Lighting Truss
• Net.DO FOX1024 Light Mixer *
• Compulite Vector PC *
• 2 Profile spot ETC *
• 6 Par Led RGB *, 20 flashing lights *
• 6 MiniProfile spot *, 20 Smartbath *

extra price


Integrated Automation System

partially or totally darkened

Catering Area
Working Kitchen Area

Designer Furniture

Wifi with 5 Airports
(customizable network name and password)

Car Access

2 x 6 Platform *

Light Controller Net.DO FOX1024 *

* extra price


Theatre: 140

U-Shape: 33 / 36

Classroom: 48

Rounds: 100

Cocktail: 120

Take a look at some of the exclusive events hosted in the Light Space

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