Lancia Y and IED Milano – Award ceremony Venue

Lancia Y – IED

This event was born thanks to the collaboration of Lancia Fiat and OffiCine – IED/Anteo. Lancia Y sponsored the creativity of ‘Generation Y’ students which had to shoot the best short films, special guests Fabio Genovese and Matilde Joli whilst the judges were Ambra Angiolini, Adriano Giannini and OffiCine’s director, Cristina Marchetti.

Guests were welcomed by a personalized Lancia Y covered in white, black and silver studs, parked in the Lounge space. The short films were played in the total absence of light in the Light space, allowing the viewers to only focus on the screen. For the occasion, Lancia and IED decided to use 10 Watt’s NEC Full HD on the 4x5m screen and Moroso’s design white seating. For security purposes, a person was in charge of managing safety lights during all the duration of the event.

The event concluded with a short award ceremony to celebrate the winner and with the serving of the buffet, which took place mainly in the Color space, then Light and Lounge space.