Knorr & Unilever – Show Cooking Event Venue Milano

Knorr & Unilever

Knorr and Unilever chose 10 Watt venue for the final event of the “Share a Meal” project. A beautiful journey full of compassion, against food waists and world hunger. The several activities that took place during the event were facilitated by the flexibility of the spaces and by the fact they are all adjoining.

Light space’s layout involved Bistrot seating together accompanied by an informal theatre which allowed guests to live a unique experience assisting at the presentation and award ceremony of the participants of the ‘anti-waste recipe’ contest.

Following this part, Light was transformed into a show cooking space where the 3 ambassadors of ‘Share a Meal’, Tessa Gelisio, Sonia Peronaci and Lisa Casali, demonstrated how you can cook delicious dishes without hardly wasting any food.   

In the meantime, in the Color space, soaked with its homely feeling thanks to its warm and welcoming atmosphere, the organizers displayed a beautiful canapés buffet. The Lounge space, always modern and fashionable, was branded with Knorr’s gadgets and graphics and was chosen to be the place where to run interviews about the overall project and its successes.