Istock – Photo Shooting Backstage Video Milan

Video Production Venue Milan


Stylists, makeup artists and background actors, and all the sets were planned ad hoc to fulfil the needs of every single invited photographer ISTOCK, a renown images bank. The Lounge, Light and Color environments were personalized only with the props and furnishings available in the venue as they can all be moved around easily and the objective was to shoot in the least time possible.

As a matter of fact, these furnished spaces help the staff that have many professionals around, to be quick at moving props and furniture as suggested by the photographer, in addition, the venue has many staircases and walls which lend themselves to shoot a person or a product.

All of 10 Watt’s environments the light can be modulated as the skylight and windows can be totally or partially darkened.

10 Watt staff supports the clients from the viewing to the day of the production. The advertising agency Zone Creative followed the project, recording the video for Istock.

You can share on your social networks Istock’s video filmed in our venue in via Giacomo Watt 10 thanks to the below icons.


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