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outdoor team building activities in Milan


The creativity, the entertainment, the innovation and the productivity are the protagonists.

The constantly professional evolution of roles and skills increases the need and demand that the management keep the team satisfied, motivated, proactive and constructive, also to reach the annual objectives.

To answer this exigence the HR experts believe that it’s necessary to invest in 2019 time and resources to select the right team building activity for the workers and the business.

To offer a moment of entertainment to increasing the memberships feeling, the groups spirit, to strengthen the collegues report, the performance, boost the leadership capacity, the communication and the team work. Targeted and innovative team buildings archive all this, allowing to escape ordinary everyday, to upgrade transversal and soft skills in a different and unusual context, out of the comfort zone.

In collaboration with team building specialized companies we want to suggest a few, that allow a unique and meaningful experience for each team member. Between the innovative options we consider the ones that increase the employee engagement, three proposals to achieve a empirical formation in answer to the company’s request.

1 – A Team Building to increase the solidarity

This particular type of group activity created for enterprises highlights the importance of sharing together an motivating objective: help others and make them happy.  Toys, accessories and furniture: the created goods by the team will be donated to a non profit association, chosen by the firm, or will be auctioned to the same participants with the objective of returning the complete funds to beneficence. A recreational and competitive activity that allows the team members to develop the creativity and collaboration, achieving a shared target.

Team building activities in Milan

2 – Incentive Flight

Active in the national Italian territory, Balloon Team Italia, proposes and organizes flight experiences using personalized and branded hot air balloons. Experience a high altitude race with these aircraft, supported by technicians and experts.

An exceptional adventure that allows consolidating the professional relations, trust and integrity of the team in an absolutely strange and challenging context, but for sure will surprise and amuse all the participants with the breathtaking landscapes of the Italian peninsula.  Balloon Team Italia, has his own fleet of hot air balloons in various dimensions, from 2 to 18 people capacity. For incentive trips and big groups of more than 100 passengers.

innovative team building activities in milan

3 – Newscast: Create your own Television News

Become the editorial board of your newscast. It is like a company metaphor, where you work with different projects at the same time, creating a fundamental need of cooperation and harmony between the fellow workers.

A constructive, involving and exciting coaching experience proposed by Kairòs Solutions: Experience the drafting of a newscast with the support of professional experts; from the research, the production of the content till the newscast broadcasting.

Each step is a challenge to expose the teamwork, efficiency and organizational capacity. The participants will be subdivided into groups, to replicate the members and structure of a real newscast editorial board. All will be supervised by known and experienced journalists and Kairòs Solutions coaches. For the live recording, the groups will be supported by experienced cameramen and technicians of the real television news channel. At the end of recordings and post-production, the final newscast will be shown to all participants to share and enjoy the final project.

This experience implicates everyone from the creative process, the problem solving, arriving to a visual final product that will bond the team members. You don’t create a newscast every day!

innovative team building activities in milan