Ingram Inghirami Group – Furnished Spaces for Photo Shooting in Milan


Ingram, leader brand of the shirt industry, filmed its new video in 10 Watt venue. The photographer Francesco Berola, followed the production setting the shooting in the Acqua & Gym space and in Color’s kitchen as he needed to create a light atmosphere. The colour white dominates in the first loft of the upper floor of the venue where a wardrobe and a bed where set and where the background was this luxurious bathroom made in serpentine stone always strongly illuminated by daylight. The stairs that connect the upper floor with the kitchen are featured with many white elements. For make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists was created a backstage area, with two makeup stations, tables, racks and industrial sockets. Available for the staff there was also an area where to keep all their lighting and audio equipment.