the venue
for successful
corporate events


10 Watt ceiling hight, 6m, makes it the perfect venue where to organise any kind of corporate events: convention with 140 theatre seating style, product launches, car launches, showrooms, runway shows, galleries and art exhibitions, new publishing, blogger days, open or press days with the specialized press, corporate parties, corporate dinners, networking events and workshops.

In the lofts, we also host small meetings with an informal setting, team building activities like cooking building, team painting, escape rooms, exhibitions and events with entertaining activities and temporary showrooms.

All the spaces, including the outdoor area, can be personalised by setting freestanding graphics, roll-ups, and eventually scenography. The atmosphere can be even more emphasized, by using lighting, projections and video mapping. Even the Smart TVs on the walls are at the client’s availability, in order not to lose brand communication. The guests can use the technology present in every space: there are two different independent WiFi lines, that can be also used for gaming experiences connecting more gaming stations and regarding the IT world, provide a stable connection even for live streaming. Images can be shared in all rooms at the same time.

Lounge welcomes our guests in the best possible way: This is the space where there is an American bar where is possible to serve welcome coffees, or cocktails, a cloakroom and an accreditation desk. Lounge is the connection point to all the other spaces of the venue.

Light, the most technological space of the whole venue, it has a control room from where is possible to manage audio, video and lighting system. In order to create an immersive brand experience is it possible to both use, the main central projector with its large screen and the side ones. The strength of this space is the power of its effortless personalisation, that can happen with the simple use of the effect created by the moving head fixtures and music.

Color, the house loft of 10 Watt, is ideal for small formal and informal meetings, networking sessions, showrooms, seated dinners, and shootings.

Yori Studio, having a big kitchen, lends itself to especially host events of the food and beverage industry, show cooking, team building, and workshops.

Acqua & Gym is the area where we host productions related to the cosmetic, beauty and wellness world; by renting another space of the venue, it can become a very creative showroom.

The Purple House is the loft with independent access, exclusively daily use, perfect for video productions and small group business events.

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