inBlu – Tv Commercial 10 Watt Venue

Spaces for Tv Advertising


What a pleasure we had at hosting this video production which gave their best to film Inblu’s new advertising campaign for their slippers. Their marketing department opted to create many mini engaging promotional videos which were filmed at 10 Watt, all in one day. The set used included the living room and kitchen Color space, the main bedroom together with the children’s room were set on 10 Watt’s mezzanine just where the Acqua & Gym space is located and finally the Light space known for the great amount of light that filters through its skylight which all feature by the way, electrically manageable blinds.

Thanks to the open plan layout of 10 Watt the crew had all the spaces needed to mount, position and store their equipment giving the opportunity to work in the most efficient and effective way. 10 Watt also reserves to the cast, MUA and stylist professionals a dedicated space with tables and makeup stations, several plugs and an iron with ironing board.

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inBlu Tv Commercial

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