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Grundig – Smart & Green

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Grundig – Technology of the moment


Grundig, one of the biggest European household appliance and consumer electronics producers, has transformed the Color Space into the “House of the future” for a branded content broadcasted in tv.

In the three spots “Smart & Green”, “Design Power” and “Technology of the moment”, Grundig products have been aligned to futuristic examples of innovation: paints which eliminate bacteria and purify the air, plates that regulate the ripening process of food, pillows that play music and lamps that change their color based on their surroundings – creative and spectacular.

The proof that the house of the future can exist from today on are the products already available on the market: the kitchen features an oven which allows two completely different cooking processes at the same time and a fridge with a circulating air system and ultra-violet light to maintain the food fresh as long as possible. 

The versatility of the Color Space was crucial to the creation of as many as six different sets, making use of furniture and props already present in the venue. The neutral and elegant colors were ideal to give full value to the products.

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Grundig - House of the future

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