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We love to design seated dinner with a twist, be it a feasting option or quirky surprises between courses. Seated dinners are where we shine and love to impress. In 10 Watt we have the pleasure of hosting private seated dinners such as wedding receptions, anniversaries and birthdays. The lofts are the perfect context where to entertain and impress guests during a corporate or private dinner, spaces which unify industrial charm to the creative and contemporary design. Gala dinners are a formal way to share very pleasant and sometimes unique networking opportunities with colleagues and clients.

All the studios are furnished with designer decor, but the ones most inclined to host seated dinners are Light, Color, and Yori Studio, with a capacity of 90, 50 and 100 attendees. Every space has a functioning kitchen, useful for the catering service or for show cooking organisers.

To the client’s use, the control room of the  Light space, is possible to manage all the technology present in the venue, such as three lateral projectors, two central projectors with roll-up screen, Smart Tv and the computerized lighting system, which allow creating light effects aligned with the brand’s colour and motifs.

Color mesmerizes the attendees with its charming atmosphere, very warm and welcoming during the winter season, especially when the fireplace is roaring. The resin beige flooring, the warm tones, the design features and the industrial structure, give life to an unforgettable dinner. Screen projector, Smart Tv, and piped music system are available.

Yori Studio is mostly used to host food events thanks to its beautiful kitchen counter which allows showing all the chef’s moves. There is also a functional back area entirely dedicated to the catering to help in their performance. For this service, you can rely on your catering partners or choose your own supplier.

Loft arredato per cene servite a Milano
Noleggio location per cene aziendali 10 Watt
Purple House Cene Place Location 10 Watt
Cene Servite Aziendali Milano Lobmardia
Milano Cene Aziendali Servite
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Loft Cene Aziendali Servite Lombardia Cene Aziendali e Private Servite
Cene Aziendali Natalizie Milano
Location Particolare Tavolo Imperiale Milano
Loft Feste Private Servite 10Watt
Location Cene Aziendali Servite Milano
Cena Tavolo Imperiale 10Watt