Rent the runway
for your perfect
fashion show


On top of the creative decorative aspect that captivates guests, in these designer lofts it’s easy to creative suggestive atmospheres only by using music, colour, lighting, and technology. It will be easy to leave an unforgettable mark at the end of your unusual and unique fashion show. The ground floor access makes loading and unloading easy, which ensures that the setting up of your runway or showroom is a much more straightforward task. Introducing new collections or setting a showroom in an unconventional, boutique, artistic and creative environment is the new way.

In 10 Watt, all the logistics and organizational aspects are always planned to the last detail, in order to allow staff to work at its best. As a

venue for fashion runways in Milan, we have a backstage area entirely dedicated to models preparation, directly connected to the Light and Color hall, with two hair and make-up stations, racks for the stylists, tables for accessories and an iron with ironing board.

In the part of the Light space, precisely where the pavement is lowered, the staff can place the runway and frame it with 10 Watt’s Moroso seating. According to the type of approach adopted, this lofts allows spreading the mood that the brands want to communicate.

From the control room, technicians can manage audio, video and lighting system, captivating the public with video mapping and multimedia content, directly played by the tree side projectors and on Smart TVs. The reliable Wi-Fi connection allows to live stream and immediately share on social media platforms photos and videos of the event.

10 Watt spaces are often chosen by the fashion brands eager to impress their guests, by taking them into a unique, original and unusual venue which reflects their essence. White floor and walls work as a blank canvas entirely personalizable with LED lights and our designer furniture which all help bringing character and atmosphere to the space, which is filled with plenty of natural light all manageable electrically.