Eucerin – TV Video Commercial Shoot 10 Watt

Video Commercial Venue


Thanks to the presence of the several working sets, 10 Watt Milan, hosts also video productions and TV commercials. To introduce Eucerin’s new product to the general public, the production team decided to use the big tub with waterfall effect, of the Color Space as their set. The chosen set also features two large sinks, a tub, a big glass wall with a mirror effect in the middle.

All of 10 Watt’s environments are spacious enough to allow video productions to comfortably film inside the spaces, the light can be modulated as the skylight and windows can be totally or partially darkened. The art buyer or set designer can amend the scene by using their own props and furniture and can either use the accessories present in the venue which are all rentable also for external productions.

It is possible to share on social network Eucerin’s video, filmed in the Color Space of 10 Watt Venue, thanks to the below icons.

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