Emmental Webisode – Video Recipe Navigli Area Milan

Cooking Video Recipe Production


Maurizio and Andrea, two Masterchef’s participants, are the two protagonists of the ‘Cheese and Chef Star Egg’ webisode for Emmentaler.

The production MPT BOX chose the fully functioning kitchen of the Color space, which has a hob, fridge, freezer, water, two ovens, microwave, extractor hood and a movable counter. The set was personalized with props and object present in the venue, which can all be rented for productions and photo shoots external to 10 Watt’s spaces. The home appliances of the venue can all be substituted in case of necessity. Daylight filters from the wide skylights and from the tree industrial windows, whilst the artificial lights are controllable thanks to EasyDom, home automation system. The kitchen of the Color space, as the ones present in the Light, Yori Studio and Purple House spaces can be personalized with design accessories, home appliances, cooking utensils or with anything else needed for the recording.

It is possible to share on social network the Emmental Webisode, filmed in our 10 Watt Venue thanks to the below icons.

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