Fuorisalone 2019
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The ‘Salone del Mobile’ and ‘Fuorisalone’ define Milan’s Design Week, premiering the latest trends for the forthcoming year and heralding a tidal wave of events, exhibitions and presentations. 10 Watt is the perfect venue to introduce designers’ new collections and host special events with live music and entertainment for a totally unmissable extravaganza.  The exclusive spaces are ideal for all national and international brands looking for an unusual and versatile spot to introduce their new collection.

Just a few meters away from via Tortona, in the heart of the Fuorisalone events, is located 10 Watt, an event venue where innovation, technology, and design are available to the client’s use. The venue easily becomes a showroom, even for the furniture industry especially for product launches, press days, cocktails and business dinners.

The 6 meters high ceiling open spaces are a plus of the venue, as allows to set tall scenography, lighting, textile products, upholstery, flooring, both indoor and outdoor material. The sets available, living room, bedroom, kids room, dining room and wellness area, are customizable just by using the design furniture around the spaces, that can be moved from a room to another in order to fulfil what the client has in mind.

The spaces are all equipped with professional gear, for who wants to create events with advanced technological content. The atmosphere can be enhanced thanks to the lighting controlled by our automation and computerized systems. Projections, video mapping, Smartbathexs, RGB batteries and music in all the spaces, are set to offer enjoyable networking moments during the event. The stable WiFi connection allows replicating the house of the future, where the latest electrical appliance is controlled by smartphones and other devices.