Pink is good Deborah Milano – Blogger Day 10 Watt venue spaces

Blogger day venue


Deborah Milano and Pink is good, is the project of the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi which promotes breast cancer prevention. They have invited Italian beauty bloggers and vloggers, with the objective of diffusing a prevention message and launching a new foundation. The guests have participated in a cooking lesson with Marco Bianchi, food blogger and scientific consultant of the Foundation, to learn the basic rules for a healthy nutrition. In order to re-live those special moments, they have filmed a video which also allows understanding in a better way 10 Watt’s spaces features and how those can be furnished in order to exalt the products.

The event at first took place in the Light space with a funky and colourful setup up until the moment where the Yori Studio was revealed where Marco Bianchi positioned behind the kitchen counter guided the bloggers in preparing balanced meals.

Thanks to the stable WiFi connection of the whole venue the bloggers had the opportunity to share the most significant moments of the day using the hashtags #DDdailydream e #pinkisgood.

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