Coyote – Corporate Launch Event 10 Watt Milano


Coyote is the new navigation companion which task is to send real-time alerts on obstacles you may encounter on the road, accidents, traffic and speed detectors. Their ambassador Jean Alesi was invited to join the event in 10 Watt premises.

Guests were welcomed in the Lounge space and then invited to enter the Light space. 10 Watt turned green to honour the brand’s logo, Coyote’s navigation devices were placed around the venue both on our furniture and on purposely built stations.

The point in favour of 10 Watt is that every aspect of the venue can be personalized to reflect the brand’s spirit. The led light can replicate any colour and self-standing graphics can really make a difference in guests’ perception.

During Coyote’s event, guests after a brief introduction of the product led by Jean Alesi, were invited to help themselves to the buffet which was stationed on a side of the Light space

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