Food events
and team cooking
for corporate


Cooking in pro cooking stations puts people in a situation they may have seen but never experienced. A place where everyone has a vital role to play and where there’s nowhere to hide – with a pressure that’s both daunting and exhilarating. Your team will discover their true performance potential which happens to be awesome fun too! Perfect for companies looking to increase ROI, collaboration, productivity and employee retention, and for celebrating special occasions with colleagues.

A Team Cooking building is a precious tool which allows attendees to get to know each other better just by having fun. It makes participants bond whilst in the process of creating the most delicious and presentable dish. Stimulating competition and exalting the emotional power of each participant both for a personal and professional growth, also helps to improve relationships and increase enthusiasm when reaching a set goal. There is the need for interacting and be synced, in order to win the challenge. There are several different formats that you could get inspired from, according to your objectives, we could offer you some counselling.

At 10 Watt, we firmly believe that cooking brings people together. Your corporate team cooking event will be a true bonding experience for your business. Our private events are hands-on, inspiring, interactive sessions that will help your corporate team better communicate, delegate tasks, see tangible results from their efforts and simply have fun together. Professional chefs help your colleagues work together in a cohesive, positive and efficient way to create a delicious meal together. Not only will your team learn cooking skills they can use in their own kitchens at home, they will learn how to effectively communicate and work together. These are important skills that will easily translate from our cooking stations to your office.

10 Watt spaces have kitchens that can be used by chefs for demonstrating the guests what they need to achieve or can either organise a show cooking where they prepare delicacies that participants can taste whilst networking on our designer seating. 

Spazi Show Cooking Milano 10Watt
Team Cooking Laboratorio Formativo Milano
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Milano Team Building Aziendali Indoor
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