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Cookies are small text strings that a website can send while browsing, to your device (be it a PC, a notebook, a smartphone, a tablet; they are usually stored directly on the browser used for browsing). The same website that transmitted them can then read and record cookies that are on the same device to obtain various types of information. Which ones? For each type of cookie, there is a clearly defined role.


There are two basic macro-categories, with different characteristics: technical cookies and profiling cookies.

Technical cookies are generally necessary for the correct functioning of the website and to allow navigation; without them, you may not be able to view pages correctly or use certain services. For example, a technical cookie is essential to keep you logged in throughout your visit to a website, or to store your language settings, display settings, etc. Technical cookies can be further distinguished into:

· navigation cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for example, to make a purchase or authenticate to access reserved areas);

· analytics cookies, assimilated to technical cookies only when used directly by the site operator to collect information, in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site.

· functionality cookies, which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase) to improve the service provided to the user.

Profiling cookies are more sophisticated! These cookies are intended to profile the user and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while browsing.

Cookies can still be classified as:

· session cookies, which are deleted immediately when you close your browser;

· persistent cookies, which – unlike session cookies – remain within the browser for a certain time. They are used, for example, to recognize the device that connects to the site and facilitate authentication operations for the user.

· first-part cookie, i.e. cookies generated and managed directly by the operator of the website on which the user is browsing.

· third-part cookie, which are generated and managed by parties other than the operator of the website on which the user is browsing (usually under a contract between the owner of the website and the third party).


For all other information required by art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 (including the contact details of the Owner and the rights you can exercise) click here


Among these technical cookies, described above, we point out the essential or browsing cookies, which enable functions, without which it would not be possible to fully use the Site.

These cookies are first-party cookies.

Technical cookies also include the functionality cookies, mentioned above, and also the so-called “analytics” cookies, which pursue exclusively statistical purposes and collect information in an aggregate form without being able to trace the identification of the individual user.

These cookies can be deactivated and/or deleted via browser settings (see below, regarding individual browsers).

If the use of cookies is blocked, the service offered to the User through the Site will be limited, thus influencing the experience of using the Site, including the possibility of navigation.

Below, for each technical cookie used we report: name, the purpose of use, and storage time.

Technical cookies that do not require consent

  • deait_user_logged: used for user nickname management – Expiry date: Session duration

All technical cookies do not require your consent, so they are installed automatically after you access the site.

During navigation, the User may also receive cookies from different sites or web servers (so-called “third-party” cookies, as described above).

These cookies are set directly by operators of websites other than this Site.

You will find more information on the use of each cookie by accessing the link indicated in the table below. Below, for third party cookies on the Site, we report the name, purpose, name of the third party that sets and manages the cookie and processes the information, as well as the related link to the website of the third party that can be accessed to obtain information on the related data processing.

Google Analytics statistics cookie (third party that sets and manages this group of cookies is Google LLC)

  • __utma : Keeps track of how many times a visitor accesses the site, when was the first visit, and when was the last. Google Analytics uses this cookie to calculate, for example, the days and accesses after which a user completes an order from the first access.

  • __utmb, __utmc: These two cookies work together and are used to calculate the length of a visit. The _utmb cookie tracks the exact time a user enters the site, while the _utmc cookie tracks the exact time a user leaves the site.

  • __utmt: Allows Google Analytics to adapt its servers to a large amount of data without overloading them with requests.

  • __utmz: Keeps track of the user’s geographical origin, what search engine he used, what keyword he looked for to access the site.

  • __utmt, __utmt_area: Performance

For information on the processing of data carried out using the above mentioned Google Analytics cookies of the third part Google : click here

The Google Analitycs cookies installed on this website are anonymized, therefore they do not perform user profiling and do not require your consent, so they are installed automatically when you access the website.

Social network cookies

They are used for sharing content on social networks.

Besides, for the sake of completeness, we point out that you can access social networks (for example LinkedIn Inc., Facebook Inc.  Twitter Inc., etc.) via the social sharing buttons on this site. Therefore, if you use these buttons, you can access the specific areas or pages of the “social network” sites, and in this case, these sites may use cookies (either by themselves or by third parties) managed and used exclusively by the social networks themselves, which would become the autonomous owners of the related processing (which should provide or make available the necessary information). We also specify that in this case our site is not involved in the processing in question and the use of such cookies.

Remember that you can also manage your cookie preferences through your browser

If you do not know the type and version of the browser you are using, click on “Help” in the browser window at the top, from which you can access all the necessary information.

If you know your browser, click on the one you are using to access the cookie management page.

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