Personalized conference,
meeting, team building
and food events


The peculiarity is to be surrounded by furnishing, that gives personality to the spaces. The increase in guests’ interaction is noticeable and absorbing concepts and notions suddenly happen easily, this is the perfect combination to help teams or corporations reaching their objectives.


It is possible to create different scenarios depending on the nature of the event, conferences, work meetings and advisory boards, presentations, training days, professional training days, workshops, teamwork and team buildings. Seating and technological equipment present in the venue are available to use.

First impressions are crucial and a professional environment gives your pitch, presentation, workshops, training sessions and negotiations the best chances of success. All meeting rooms and boardrooms are designed to the highest standards of interior styling, equipped with the finest materials, and original artwork adorns the walls of our prestigious and modern meeting rooms.

Considering the use of all lofts, it is possible to split the space into simultaneous working sessions, perfect for Medical and Pharma meetings and conferences. Each space features their own mixer to manage volume and projections, a Smart TV including one in the Light space at the exclusive use of the speaker, hand-held and headset microphones, WiFi and ethernet cables. With an extra cost, it is possible to place a white stage, have office supplies and a Flipcharts. The Smart TVs can also play multimedia content on a loop to reinforce the brand’s image for the whole duration of the event. The maximum number of guest that can be accommodated at once in a space, is of 140 attendees.

Our skilled team will be on hand to help you planning and execute all practicalities around hosting your meeting. According to the number of guests, it is possible to set a catering station either in the same room where the event is running or in an adjoining one. The client is free to rely on a partner of the venue or get in contact with the caterers they prefer the most.

Call us to eventually discuss the right space for your meeting – if you’re local, you may want to book a site visit and explore our amazing space, but we’re equally happy to have a conversation and recommend the best setting to suit your needs.