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Planimetria 3D Spazio Color 10 Watt Location Milano


Color Space

Networking loft for
your business meeting


Among the six spaces that comprise 10 Watt, there is a sleek, stylish and spacious loft called Color. It happens to be the place where the contrast between the industrial past of the venue and the modern design introduced during the refurbishment, is definitely evident and make this space.

Characterised by neutral and warm tones, the Color space allows photographers and producer to shoot different scenes in only one space. From the scenographic restroom, the double living room with fireplace, and the stylish kitchen with a movable counter, in this space, we have the pleasure of hosting press days, informal meetings, showrooms, show-cookings and team building activities.

Color is a versatile and refined space with light beige resin floor, inspired by the loft concept. It features a sensational double living room, which can easily be transformed into a dining room, an office or a bedroom, it also has a stylish kitchen which can be set into a cocktail bar.

The functional studio has a strategic point from where to shoot video or photos from above, on the mezzanine or as a technician support area where to place computers and lights. The natural light that filters through, can be partially or totally darkened with the integrated automation system which also controls artificial lighting. Available for the production, a reserved and precious backstage area, with two hair and make-up stations, racks, tables for the stylists and an iron.

Color is one of the most versatile studios in Milan, structured to host corporate events, such as formal and informal meetings, press conferences, product launches, team and cooking building, seminars and showrooms. Thanks to the reliable Wi-Fi connection, it’s possible to stage video game stations, interactive screens and tablets for product launches. Color lends itself to accommodate intimate seated dinners, imperial table and roundtable about, as well as light lunch buffets with informal seating, and coffee and cocktail stations.

Planimetria 3D Spazio Color 10 Watt Location Milano


Surface: 245 mq
Mezzanine: 25 mq
Max Height: 6,10 m


5 kw

from 5 to 30 kw divided into
three-phase and single-phase *

1 x 32 A three-phase
5 x 32 A single-phase
1 x 16 A three-phase 4p
1 x 16 A single-phase

Sockets along the space

4 ethernet ports
50 Mb and 100Mb fiber optic

Air conditioning with air recirculation

Access Gate: 1,49 x 2,80 m

* extra price



HK Lucas smart
Mixer 1202 VLZ4


Panasonic Projector PTEX610 6500 AL
Wall Rolling screen 3.30 m
Panasonic TV 65″ 4K


4 Flashing Lights
2 Mini Profile spot


Integrated Automation System

partially or totally darkened

Catering Area
Working Kitchen Area

Make-Up room with 2 stations
Backstage Area

Designer Furniture

Wifi with 3 Airports

2 Bathrooms with Bathtub and Shower

200 pax Cloakroom


Theatre: 40

U-Shape: 24

Classroom: 24

Rounds: 50

Cocktail: 60

Virtual Tour of the space

Take a look at some of the exclusive events hosted in the Color Space

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