Cien Lidl – TV Commercial Video Production

Furnished Venue for Video Productions in Milan


For Cien, Lidl’s cosmetic brand, the production company has set the video in 10Watt’s furnished venue to introduce the public to their new beauty products and to make the future consumer see how these products are used in everyday life.

In order to show the movement the actress was invited to move at all times and this entailed the need of having several different backgrounds. The production company primarily chose our venue because they needed to set a photographic studio easily and needed home environments.

The Color space was the first to be set, where the production company decorated the essential areas to film the ad, bathroom, relax area, living area and the exit whilst the photographic studio was set in the Light space where we have also mounted a stage to enhance the movements of the protagonist. In the venue, there is also photographic equipment available for the production company.

All the props and furnishing of 10 Watt can be rented for external video productions or photoshoots. The staff of 10Watt also supports the client in the choice of props. The above video is the one that Cien Lidl filmed in our venue.

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