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CFCrew Suite

The video Suite, the first single of the CFCrew, Pablo, Sander and Treisi was filmed in 10 Watt. Between all the other furnished venues available in Milan, 10 Watt distinguishes itself for the presence of design working sets that make the visualization of the final product even more suggestive. Al the sets were decorated with our furniture and props except for a couple added by the set designer.

The six spaces of 10 Watt can be partially or totally darkened electrically but all have different colours and characteristics. During the viewing, the team can define all the details, including the lighting as the DOP can personalise the set by renting the ones that mostly illuminate the scene. The venue is always overseen by a 10Watt staff member as we are always here to support the production in order to solve any problem. In the same day, it is possible to use one or more spaces for your own video production.

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