Food Event Location for rent Milan

Carozzi Formaggi

For the event “Aperitivo Eccellenze Italiane” organized during the International food fair TUTTO FOOD at Rho, Formaggi Carrozzi, La Casa del Grano, Dalla Bona and Grignano Winery dedicated a special evening to celebrate Italian gastronomic delicacies. The tasting itinerary began in the Lounge Space where guests could try different bottles by Grugnano, immersed in an original set-up created by fresh products.

Next stop was Yori Studio Space – transformed in a paradise for every gourmand: food isles with cheeses, cold cuts, pasta and artisan bread, narrating Italy from North to South, from Valsassina to Cagliari.

That evening’s special guest, the Sardian cook Daniele Cui, delighted the clients’ taste buds with a innovative show cooking using ingredients of his land and the products present to revisit tradition in a modern way.