Spazi inusuali per eventi automotive a Milano




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Premiere venue
for automotive launch
and events


A space continuously evolving, flexible, chameleon-like and dynamic, a solution for all of those international brands that wish to present their products in a creative and highly customizable context of elite design. The structure has wide multifunctional areas, where to display up to three vehicles between the rooms, Lounge and Light.

The venue hosts a great number of automotive dedicated events. A modern, futuristic, memorable and emotionally impactful product display area, that makes it the perfect place to introduce for the first time, a new design to the public.

Especially in the Light space, is easy to create high visual impact and exciting scenography, thanks to its updated technology. The three side projectors, moving heads, Smartbathexs and video mapping and all the other equipment would be needed to create a successful event.

The spaces are furnished with top quality design features that can be stationed all around the rooms. The lofts’ flexibility allows to set up buffet and cocktail stations, offering additional networking occasions. 10 Watt lends itself to be an unusual and unique cars and motorbikes photographic studio, where filming cars and motorbikes videos. These designer spaces are brightened by natural light which can be totally or partially darkened electrically in a matter of seconds. 10 Watt staff supports the client in the choice of services, like car valet, transfers, car park rental close to the venue, reservation for simultaneous translation cabins, security services, artists, hostesses and DJ sets.

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