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Artificial intelligence events in Milan


Chat bot and voice assistance to enhance brand identity

What better moment to talk about artificial intelligence than at the closing of Milan Digital Week?
Today we share some inspiration of how to organize an event in the name of technology.

The main topic this year is urban intelligence, a subject both complex and fascinating, based on the mediated interaction between citizens and their environment. Milan is the European capital of 5G, always ready to accept new technologic challenges in the administration, education, industry and security sector.

But artificial intelligence does not stop in the streets, quite on the opposite, it is entering in our homes to completely change our daily life. And this is no bad: the revolution of the voice assistance for instance, provides a series of advantages that are worth to be discovered. We are currently observing a change of our habits connected to a progressive digitalization.

Who does not ask Siri to find the closest open supermarket or the home automation system to raise the temperature at home?
The interactivity of our devices is becoming ever more essential supporting us in the carrying out of whatsoever activity, at home and at the office.

Artificial intelligence events in milano

Question? Answer.

The so-called chat bots are special softwares able to respond to questions, since they have access to certain database and information. As they are developed to simulate a human behavior, they chat in a surprisingly convincing way, becoming like this an integral part of our lives. That is also the reason why they are slowly beginning to be experienced for a series of different uses.

In the event scene, voice assistants and chatbots are supportive of the staff and can be implemented to facilitate the event process in all its stages. They reduce misunderstandings and give the guests useful information, from indicating where the wardrobe is to listing the schedule of the various activities during the day. They know details about the speakers present, the location, the ticketing, partners and sponsors, and are able of answering to frequent questions.
Last minute updates get forwarded directly to all guests, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Websites like are artificial intelligence services thought up for events with the purpose of saving time and resources. But in the digital era their primary goal is to excite the audience, enhancing interaction and engagement

Artificial intelligence events in milano

Fast and customized dialog 24/7

Nowadays event participants visualize all the comunication online and this is one of the things that plays in favor of the use of voice assistance. Their non-stop availability makes them a steady reference point for all guests, especially for the foreign audience who can choose their preferred language settings. Sometimes it is easier to talk to a digital device than to a person who is from another country and probably doesn’t speak your language.

Chat bots are capable of realizing a personalized and automatic communication, providing themselves with all data input and growing their knowledge in this manner continuously. Once finished the event, they remain at the disposal of the client, becoming an important marketing tool to promote new events and record precious feedback.

Q – the ‘genderless’ voice with a look towards the future

If technology has no body, why is it then that Siri has a femminine voice and insurance apps sound like men?

This is exactly the questions with which Copenhagen Pride and Virtue have confronted themselves to overcome a stereotype that persists even in the digital world. The collaboration has given birth to Q, a virtual assistance without gender with a vocal range between 145 and 175 hertz. The neutral voice can be implemented for all voice assistance services to give everybody the right to decide. And in a bit, the application will be ready to use for other areas too, think announcements for public transportation, cinema and computer games.

To strengthen your brand it is vital to confer a personality and a distinct tone of voice to your chat bot.