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Located on the ground floor of an old bolt factory, in an industrial-inspired and contemporary building, 10 Watt Venue is ideal for book launches, product launches, presentations, dinners, banquets or cultural events. A modular and innovative venue, ideal to hold contemporary exhibitions, artistic representations, installations and vernissages.

All the lofts are highly versatile and are ideal to host personal or collective presentations together with photographic and artistic exhibitions. The work, displayed in our unexpected and unpredictable spaces, will be enhanced by the harmonic shapes of the design furniture, giving life a unique and creative fascinating cultural event.

10 Watt features, beautiful open plan spaces, characterised by pure taste, elegance and a meticulous care up to the last detail, which only differences are colours, furniture and the technology present in the spaces. Lateral projections together with surprising lighting effects, involve, captivate and wow the guests helping to move them on an emotional level. Few of other technical equipment available for your use are the efficient audio piped system, Smart TVs, reliable WiFi, and air conditioning. The partnerships born with some of the artists, still allows us to showcase their work and can sometimes even feature in some events, unfortunately for us only for an agreed period of time.

The best event balance is reached when together with an exhibition dedicated space, the adjoined one is dedicated to entertaining guests with canapes and drinks. In the venue foyer, it’s also possible to place a desk for accreditation of both guests and press.

Location Mostre Milano Gallerie Lombardia
Spazi Insoliti Gallerie Fotografiche Milano
Spazi Espositivi Mostre e Design Milano
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Loft Insoliti Gallerie D'Arte Moderna Lombardia
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Noleggio Location Spazi Espositivi Milano
Spazio Mostre Arte Milano 10Watt
Galleria D'Arte Milano 10Watt.com
Location Spazio Espositivo Mostre Arte
Spazio Espositivo Mostra Artistica Lombardia
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Spazi Design Galleria D'arte Milano
spazi insoliti per eventi di presentazione prodotto 10 watt