Video clip film Production Portfolio

The versatile and flexible spaces of our location are ideal for hosting video productions in Milan. The multifunctional nature of 10 Watts, combined with the present technology, allows you to customize and set up different types of sets according to the needs of the production and the director.


The flexible, spacious, and furnished spaces of 10 Watt Venue in Milano with natural light, dressing rooms, and backstage areas. An uncommon fully furnished photo and video production venue for hire not far from the Navigli Area.

An event venue that features five design lofts with different walls, floors, backgrounds, furnished with a modern and refined style, illuminated by partially or totally dimmable daylight, fully functioning kitchens (induction and gas cooktops), living rooms, unusual bathrooms, fitness and relaxation areas that make these spaces ideal to host film interviews, campaigns, TV commercials, webinars, music videos, advertising campaigns, film scenes, tutorials, fashion, cooking shows, corporate films, and automotive and create multiple sets to be used even at the same time.The nuances of the studios vary a lot. There is the Lounge Space with its beautifully designed American bar, a suspended staircase with a lighting system, and a bio-fireplace. A warm-feeling “Home Loft”, Color Space, characterized by neutral and warm tones. Features a scenographic restroom, the double living room with fireplace, and the stylish kitchen with a movable counter.  Behind a sliding glass wall, you’ll discover the Light Space, a multipurpose futuristic space with total white walls and floor, giving a high tech and futuristic impression. The Yori Studio, space entirely dedicated to food. Its strong point is the spacious kitchen which stretches over 50 m² of space. Moreover, the kitchen features a movable island equipped with 2 induction hobs, a fridge, an oven. Last but not least, Acqua&Gym Space which is divided into 3 areas: an office space, a scenographic SPA bathroom, and an equipped fitness room.

The Spaces features 6m high walls and 2.40m wide entrance allow introducing in the venue, cars, and tall scenography, there is also the opportunity for loading and uploading material just at the entrance of the venue. The unique and original setups you see in the videos above were created by our clients which have combined our props and furniture to theirs.

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