Get inspired by 10 Watt Venue Portfolio having a look at all the exclusive corporate events we already hosted in our design spaces. Our Portfolio features all kind of business events: Automotive, Press Days, Team Building Activities, Meetings and Conferences, Product Launches, Presentations and much more. Discover how choosing 10 Watt‘s unusual spaces for your corporate events in Milano, can enhance your brand image and your company’s perception.

10 Watt Venue is a large, one-of-a-kind loft house to make guests feel comfortable. The five spaces, Lounge, Light, Color, Acqua&Gym, and Yori Studio, distinct and at the same time communicating, are set up with design complements and furniture, which can be moved to perfect or create the scenery of the set.

The versatile environments of the 10 Watt location are also ideal for hosting web series, TV commercials, and telepromotions, sketch comedy, music videos, and tutorials.

All the spaces can be partially or totally darkened and have the best technological equipment, features that allow us to host different types of corporate events. There are video projectors, audio and video direction, microphones, wired audio, computerized lights, and moving heads positioned on American, Smartbathex, projections and video mapping, stable connection for direct streaming, Hybrid, and Phygital events, demo stations, and smart tv.

10 watt is a location in continuous evolution, which is transformed according to the customer’s requests, where to realize corporate events in Milan with a strong emotional impact.

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